Monday, July 18, 2016

ashgabat 7, 8

Green stalwart dragonfly whom glistenings rankle,
here are surfaces shineless in abundance:
a wonderland of frosts, sheer redundance
in Nichtigkeit, & Charon bends no ankle
nor is there tinkling of a landing empty cartridge.

This floating-hill-strewn plain that we cross darkling
under the daytime stars aloof & sparkling
serves us up at once the ghost of a partridge
immanent, & like our faith, so massive
it blesses most the palmer clown who fares most passive.


He dies of thirst beside the public fountain.
CMALYBOI BISLI scattered there so gruesome
wrathful deities arrive in twosome
edge-on eclipsing orbits, inshallah. Mountain
i saw a deer on, too a year we chose a president,

all as deer that the manxome spectacle capture
in lieu of reading hist’ry, praying for Rapture,
& on that mountain only eagles resident
my trail wound back. Making the exit formal
a cricket on the floor, to stomp on it is normal.

I review Dir en grey.

"...I was tempted to add an anagram of my own: 'The neat white elephant enthralls,' which rearranges as: 'The tenth planet is near the whale,' which obviously refers to the fact that Xena [now Eris] is in the constellation Cetus, the whale. Unlike Galileo, though, I resisted." --Mike Brown, How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming (2010)

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