Monday, July 18, 2016

ashgabat 3, 4

"Fermat was a good scholar, and amused himself by conjecturally restoring the work of Apollonius on plane loci." --A Short Account of the History of Mathematics

Columbine black, or black & white for Ascot,
the infinite soapbox scalded like a lobster
ready to hand it off to the foremost mobster
or any other monster as a mascot:
here we are resplendent in the loco gunnery

if not today, tomorrow among its chosen,
not one of us revived should we get frozen;
shadows gather like a Monk Lewis nunnery
& Phlegethon moves t’ward its charcoal delta
& scoriac blowback follows the incandescent vuelta.

Some inchoate thoughts on curvilinear transition.

Dwarven woad grown Kafkaesque & dingy,
elenctic pox of tekke faunching cupid.
empire’s tachypath suits Stavrogin stupid
come fill the wormwood cup, & don’t be stingy.
Taiskdeaf colossus of roads athwart some sinking isthmus

with dark paper fast a-smoulder, its wake inedible,
& one among them finding the “view” incredible
& plenty of children winning slag for Christmas.
Forward, into the fog, some bug-borne plague
festering soon, at apocheir with futures vague.



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