Monday, July 18, 2016

ashgabat 5, 6

Egregore solidarity no guerdon
olentzaro faring chief executive
longpoem after longpoem squint-consecutive
beautiful visions of not-to-be, its burden.
teudib heavy to thole, & thick zipzygo mutiny

by light of brands, masked, zaibatsu rhythm
& once drew orbits via logarithm
That we have given since, full camera scrutiny.
Sprachregelung not yet bestows jark cairn
So what might still befall this snazzy floatpig bairn?

Serafini speaks.

From beaten, becomes a biter. Vetust garment
of exceptionalism, its decrepit gallery
of triumphs. Clown soliloquy on salary
chases now a novel marque of varmint
through labyrinth’s quotidian fog until, like Quilp

to fall. Soliloquy returns, the chaffinch
captured in early Eighties on a half-inch
videotape, & rediscovered megilp,
to languish like a ne’er paroled old criminal
graffiti faint at first & fin’lly grown subliminal.

"Quotation is a method of appropriation which is invincible." --Susan Sontag



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