Tuesday, July 19, 2016

ashgabat 15, 16

"The word it, for example, means 'dog' in both Uzbek and Turkish--but in Uzbek it means a regular dog, whereas in Turkish it means a contemptible, low-down cur. ...Conversely, the standard Turkish future-tense verb ending exists in Uzbek, and is also a future-tense ending, but with a pompous or literary-heroic connotation." --Batuman, op cit

Open cess-tsunami with manxome strength
strumming the blue haiku with a sharpened bludgeon
flinch at a rolling bough, the sky’s high dudgeon
mirroring our toits below, at length
you get to look away. But those in the ant-gold cavern

fall from high-powered bullets, sent by fascist
airwaves. Car cow-catcher for the brashest
bloatmobile, else decreation tavern;
Aceldama our bivouac, fantasy, option
& flings an orphan army’s perfectly clear adoption.

Trung Nguyen coffee.

Paisley paved the citadel of a mutant.
List’ning to the thunder in bed, limulus
to repair when, oppressive greenhouse stimulus
& hyposubjectivity bobblehead-nutant.
X-sistemo, self-oblivion, gourd stupendous,

The gear of road repair but none in faith,
words not better than no-words, fuming wraith
unponding, khejzawul with thrust tremendous
from Rattenkrieg applied hysteria muscular:
quibbles to make philosophy’s owltide more crepuscular.



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