Tuesday, July 19, 2016

ashgabat 19, 20

(new-aesthetic on tumblr via eric hu on twitter)

So outrage overload pitches its tent in crumple
etching its reflective shiver in uniform
whence my regrets derive expressive cuneiform
to deliver, watching continents gliding rumple:
green & red & white & black, the rest is frippery.

Here in this uncouth chair unwilling fixture,
i juggle figures, conjure up a mixture
of sentiments wry, disgusted, sore & slippery
but cannot jouk jalopythrist. So smooth
the sheer descent, & what you see can little soothe.

Return of the dreaded Pass Key Sensor??

Touchsecurity earthbound, gunfire skyey,
the dead & the wounded fall, one sans capture
hypothetical. Projectile rapture
struts rude puissance. Camping in Hawaii
before the moon has set & in a hammock, lounge.

Green stirring stick as frenzies culminate
in pointless, random death while bloggers fulminate;
peace is not a pattern we can scrounge,
to some vague phenotype like leeches loyal,
incapable of reason, we are now screwed royal.



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