Monday, February 06, 2017


Beyond the beautiful darkness.

"Pity is but half justice." --Kahlil Gibran

Cauliflower sans Merci.

"I survived the Bowling Green Massacre by hiding behind a Polybius machine when the first shots rang out." --@PattonOswalt

The literature of creepy clowns.

     “Annals of Thirst”

reprieve to reprieve
in halcyon sunlight creeping

yet nothing is clear:

A coast so full that the tale
    has happened

careening through the murk
i took an awful bump
for this to work
you gotta be a chump
i think I’m past the hump
when raucous rapids start
Lord Heffalump
is choking on a fart

to torture is a perk,
vasty empire’s slump
calls each to shirk
their turn at the stuck pump
i finger the myst’ry lump
under a pentacle tart
conundrums stump
the occidental heart

and now one wambly clerk
reels way too high to jump
our shapes Dunkirk
this aching at the stump
but not to be a grump
as ev’ry day’s new smart
gurgles the sump
of a phantom tumbril-cart

here in the klaxon’s blurt
king of the burning dump
with shackles girt
angles for a warped thump

Critique of Tunnel.

"Starfish, poinsettia on a half-tide crag,
a galliard by Byrd."

--Basil Bunting



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