Tuesday, February 07, 2017

inexorable carousel

"Since the Dark Learning apparently did not involve any issues in real life, it was also known as the 'Pure Talk.' " --Luo Yuming

A blast from the past.

"The bow, that ne'er till now its glittering points
Bent back without recoil and whirring twang--"

--Richard Horne


Ghost riders. (via chuck taylor on fb)

"In his Orion review Poe castigated 'the cant of muddlepates who dishonor a profound and ennobling philosophy by styling themselves transcendentalists' (XI. 253)." --Harriet Holman, in Poe Studies

Gothic rock and death rock in DFW.

The music of hailstones.

"The colours of the outfits of three of the main characters, Alison, Gwyn and Roger was based on an older International Colour Code for electrical wiring (red, black and green)." --A Year in the Country blog

A long way from home.



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