Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Денеб Альджеди

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On Eichenberg's Poe.

"I have been described by you for hundreds of years. And now, I can describe you. That’s part of the panic.” - James Baldwin via @mailbykite

"There’s a lot going on there about the way whiteness leads people to seek their cultural identities in odd places; the way whiteness excuses and lends respectability to behavior that would otherwise be seen as abhorrent; and the way history can become myth.."

I notice the casual use of "zombie" as a vampire exonym in Jarmusch's Only Lovers Left Alive; elsewhere (The Language of Vampyr) they seems to use "puppet" (a word with many Ligottian overtones!).

Jazz & La La Land.

Which brings me to the Ido for Vampires movement. (Not to be confused with Elorathian.) And along the way i learned: "Upon its release in Europe, audiences booed Vampyr and yelled insults at it...Dreyer’s career was finished." (Very good--long--article.) Then (down another rabbit hole!): "The idea that Ruben Cerdan is behind Forgotten Languages is the general consensus, yes, but the sheer amount of autism put into this site is an entirely different level."

Meanwhile we can ask: what is it about Delta Capricorni, anyway? (The song.) Probably it's all about the Goat. Exoplanets & Capricorn constellation. Finally, i end up learning that Le Verrier never actually saw the planet he discovered.

The Ido word for "puppet" is pupeo.



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