Friday, March 10, 2017

no Kiowa daw, O ikon

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"The art looks as if disasters have passed through it, but it also looks as if it had survived those disasters and as if the strewn pieces of it could be assembled into something quite superior." --R A Lafferty

Haraway and Jarmusch on my mind. What does it mean, all these mythical places, except that we have none--and our fragmentary epics furnish them? (R'lyeh.) And micro-genres as filaments of that Cthulhu. Precarity: dementation. Buddhism without beliefs. Like the Devil's Tower vision in Close Encounters, we pre-enact apocalypses that are other than material. Something we do not yet have words for (=nomquab).

They are rooted in connoisseurship, not collections. They know they cannot use many of the consensus words for what they need to say. Private languages, necessarily (i call this "Eigengrau voyageurs"). Creatures of other mythologies (African, Asian, Native American, Caribbean) for when we exhaust ours. The Greenish black discoloration of "Nethescurial." If a blog entry (already borderline obsolete) of pics & quotes & links is emblematic, what does its ephemerality say? Imagine an art movement like Performance Art/ Self-Destroying Machines: protest against Museum Culture & the hierarchies of Art-celebrity, but also signifying the New Precariat.

"Children with two shadows did not grow up happy." --Kelly Link

Neologisms for an abortive subculture (Clockwork Orange). Reading forgotten epics on pdf. The fact that new books, live concerts, as much as owning a house--as exorbitant. Not knowing how far this government will expand its persecutions. Going back to Conlanging: cairns first, but also a new kind of refusal, the refusal to be part of a canon. Ironic relation, say, to successful Langpo (how can it not be, but of course it cannot be acknowledged as such, like a royal bastard everyone knows about).

The song at the beginning (of OLLA) seems to be a vintage 45 but it's actually contemporary. To think of one's work as that song (they really don't release new 45s anymore, do they?)--skeuomorph not actualized (probably!) & its placement in a mythic (but NOT mythical) City. And: Animated Egg never really existed as a group, & its one good song--isn't representative of its one record.

"He who would write a book that would last for ever must learn to use invisible ink." --Cyril Connolly

Things we do so as to not be overwhelmed. The Dragonfly as (ohaeng) symbol of perseverance. Old movies long unavailable on DVD, suddenly now to become new touchstones. Gadsby when no one could read it (& the 2 palindromic novels still: Dr Awkward & Satire Veritas). Refugee camps, always (how do we know we will not? why do we not write for them?). There is only one office: to witness.

Never mind the clathrates.

Vallejo: "What if the words don't survive?" Blue fires anyway. Urban Camo Cubist architecture--grisaille. Ghayb. When i destroyed half my paintings, it was just putting a larger percentage into the Invisible.


All our vehicles are armor, armor against our travelling's attempts to change us.



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