Friday, September 25, 2020

hiatus (day 199)

Thursday, September 24, 2020

a voyage to Aldebaran (day 198)

(contac via pumpkincrypt on tumblr)


"this morning
the emu escapes
the fan"


The importance of being on Twitter.

Naming the color of the sky
at just this hour, gray or lilac or rose,
& turns to nothing special in an hour:
"Exodus theme" by edith Piaf. Frore
only by contrast, walk from fence to alley.
The war's not lost; this loss is still so early.
Our plight which we could not imagine, gets
exacting more as day by day it blurts
impossible news; borne on our crystal ship
Atlantean sails have filled with outward thrust
irresistible & winedark
naming the color of the sky.

Art Deco Egyptian Revival.

When all reality has become surreal, remembering when it wasn't surreal will still be surreal.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

saltations in a cummerbund (day 197)


New color essays.

"a hazy day
an unmarked grave
no troubles at all"


"Sophi tallies how much of an article is read, how many times it is shared and commented on, and most importantly, whether it being behind a paywall spurs anyone to buy a subscription."

Giselian Gambit
eau de Nil
dusk on the secventh planet

No! We talk lawsuit
in the marble halls
of insomnia

in the marble halls
of murder hornets
a superior flower

blue years and unopened medicines

" for the grief of a prisoner, yellow for the fear you must be feeling deep down..."

" is tempting to agree with Elgin, who argued that Láadan failed because women were reluctant to speak a language that forced them to parse their feelings so thoroughly."

"sleepless night
one crow
leading to nowhere"


"... the curator Jason Bailey honors Conway’s work with an online exhibit that features four international artists’ approaches to the Game."


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

plicatile mapsco (day 196)


"You can embody a curse without being able to articulate it." --Bellefleur

Totally under control.

"While English speakers say CHEESE when a photograph is taken, French speakers say MARMOSET (‘ouistiti’)." @HaggardHawks

On Witness and Repair.

Sometimes there's nothing that i want
a stillness on the sun-filled air
to ply with gems the webinar
a house without the house's taint

sometimes i only sit & stare
a ghost bemused for how to haunt
this track comprised of scattered spraint
goes yearning-quelled & miles too far

I am a nesting doll for griefs.


Monday, September 21, 2020

disease of the as-if 6. (day 195)

(lanny quarles on fb)

"flung onto a sinking boat, splash the kapok’s bark
through rot & iron of a city trying to forget

"Stranger, where goest thou, in the sad raiment of a pilgrim, with shattered sandals retaining the dust and mire of so many devious ways? With thy brows that alien suns have darkened, and thy hair made white from the cold rime of alien moons?" --@KlarkashT

Access Mars.

we are the well ones
with well kept lawns
cocooned from fuss
& from desperate loss
we are the well ones

we keep good watch
we know so much

castles, castles
with draw bridges up
we are the ones
who will call a cop

"Here’s why I have hoped with my head high and my eyes focused ahead."

"the hurricane naming system may need to go alphanumeric" --@joshtpm

Panpsychism Proved.

(lofishing on tumblr)

Sunday, September 20, 2020

thyphallic cheese grater (day 194)


Blade Runner reality--the final cut.

"Even thus, amid the waste of all fair things that were,
Of high marmoreal dreams immense and overthrown,
I wait forever, and about my face is blown
The sand of crumbling cenotaph and sepulcher."


The serpent calls.

the angel i contend with
is not so easily grasped
a parable in shadow
crisp-edged Boreas

Fez belgards irregardless
a job for topology
rather than zyxt alembic
or angst zymurgy

the riddle of Ariel,
bane of Carcosa
in the same maroon-hogan

"...Omulu has the great power to cause an epidemic, but at the same time to cure any illness."

"Abroad in armes, at home in studious kind
Who seekes with painfull toile, shall honor soonest find.

In woods, in waues, in warres she wonts to dwell,
And will be found with perill and with paine;
Ne can the man, that moulds in idle cell,
Vnto her happie mansion attain;
Before her gate high God did Sweat ordaine,
And wakefull watches euer to abide:
But easie is the way, and passage plaine
To pleasures pallace; it may soone be spide,
And day and night her dores to all stand open wide."

--The Faire Queene, II.3

"So in this great disaster of our birth
We can be happy, and forget our doom

(student painting, via tom murphy on fb)


Saturday, September 19, 2020

faceless doll (day 193)


The marionette has died in a duel.

"Shall we be dragged by him to the bottom of the sea? Shall we be towed by him to the infernal world?" --@MobyDickAtSea

Wayment for our old lifestyle.

impossible keeping
piling up shadows for

the shadow

Mornings in the deserted plaza.

"Endeuoring my dreadded name to raise
Aboue the Moone..."

--The Faerie Queene, II, 3.

"The purpose of the Matai is to speak for the village, for their people."

(mrtsk on tumblr)